Funeral Celebrant Services

Discover how Amanda Morgan Celebrant can offer celebrant services to support you and your loved ones for a funeral ceremony.


Empathetic Funeral Services

With my extensive experience in palliative care at Mt. Eliza Terraces, I have worked closely with many people on both a professional and personal level during end-of-life struggles. I have attended a number of funerals as part of my work as an aged care worker at Mt. Eliza, and I draw on my past experiences in end-of-life care to provide loving support to the families and friends of a lost loved one during funeral ceremonies.

I bring a sense of deep empathy, emotional strength, and spiritual understanding to each funeral. Let me help lead you and your community through the funeral experience with a great sense of genuine compassion and warmth. From my professional experience in palliative care, I have learned to balance my professional celebrant services with my ability to connect with the families and friends of lost loved ones on a deep spiritual level.

Honouring Unique Life Journeys

Death is a private and personal journey that is often undertaken in a public forum. Funerals are, on the one hand, intimate experiences, but on the other hand, they are also public celebrations of life. In my capacity as an authorised civil celebrant, I centre the funeral ceremonies that I lead around the community’s sense of gratitude for knowing the person that passed.

The funerals that I help lead in the Mornington Peninsula focus on remembering the deceased with great love. My funeral ceremonies are about honouring those who have left us while also celebrating the legacies they have left behind.

As with the wedding ceremonies that I offer, the funeral services I provide are also flexible and leave room for individualisation. No two people have the same journey through life and death, and no two funerals are the same. If you have special requests for a funeral service, I welcome you to contact me to find out how I can help.

Funerals Services in the Mornington Peninsula

I am dedicated to offering all of my services, including funeral services, at a reasonable and competitive rate. The standard fee for the funerals that I offer is AU$650 + GST. Generally, this rate includes:

Initial, in-person meeting with the family or legal representative of the estate of the lost loved one for approximately 90 minutes. During this meeting, my goal is to learn more about the deceased and to find out the loved ones’ wishes for the funeral. I also use this meeting to gather information to write a draft eulogy.

Communication via email, phone and/or Skype to discuss the details of the ceremony and the eulogy. After meeting with the family in person, I will work on drafting a eulogy, which I will then send to the family so they can make any changes or suggestions. I will also communicate with the family or legal representative by email, phone, and/or video conference to work out the logistics of the service, such as how many guests are expected, how many speeches will be given, etc.

Collaboration with the funeral director. Before and during the funeral, I work closely with both the funeral director and the family. Some of the tasks I am often asked to assist with include helping to develop brochures, handouts, and/or programs for the service and facilitating conversations between the family and the funeral parlour.

Attendance at the ceremony, including delivery of the eulogy. I will attend the funeral service and give the eulogy. I often spend between 45-60 minutes at the funeral, but it all depends on family requests.

Get in Touch

Please take a moment to fill out my inquiry form below. It is the easiest way to drop me a line to find out more about how I can help you with your ceremony. No matter what stage you are in with your planning process, I am happy to answer any questions and discuss your circumstances with you. After I receive your inquiry, you can expect to hear from me shortly.